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December 7, 2013
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RD: Noriko Tomoka by RainyHoney RD: Noriko Tomoka by RainyHoney

:bulletred:Name : Noriko Tomoka

:bulletred:Alias :
Model Alias :
・Nori-Nori Doki-Doki
・Doki-Doki Nori-Nori

Akahana's Nicknames :

:bulletred:Age : 19

:bulletred:Birthday : February 14th

:bulletred:Gender: Female

:bulletred:Weapon Choice : Stuffed Bear

:bulletred:Opinion :  "I accepted. . . because I was lonely and tired.
Bored and slightly depressed.
. . . 
But. . . I can't ever say that I want this game to be 'interesting'. . . 
. . .
I can never say that I'm looking forward to it. . . 
I can't say anything like that. . . 
He. . .  or she. . .  knows how you're feeling. . . 
And will probably find a way to twist it. . .
So that you'll end up on the floor, in the puddle of your tears and blood. . . "

Manager: Yumiko Akahana

:bulletyellow:Family Relationships :
Mother: Tomoka Yuko
Father: Tomoka (Tokhtakhounov] Konstantin

:bulletyellow:Rabbit Doubt Relationships:
:star:When she meets people here, opinions of them will be posted + updated.

Hanazawa Misaki [
+Very informative
~A bit cautious
[Status : Friend]

Sasaki Oliver []
+Feels safe around him
+Seems to be very thoughtful, careful, caring, cautious.
+Curious. . .
+Seems trustworthy
[Status : Friend]

Koetsu Sen []
[Status : Acquaintance]

:star:UPDATE - 1/12/13:star:

Yoshizaki Michi []
[Status : Acquaintance]

Sasakawa Himemiko []
[Status : Acquaintance]

Mizuhashi Hata []
+Seems to have a soft spot for cute things.
+Gentle in first meeting.
[Status : Acquaintance]

Terumi Aysu []
[Status : Acquaintance]

Shi Ryo []
=Careful, cautious
[Status : Acquaintance]

Hirano Ageha []
~Has a liking for sweets.
[Status : Acquaintance]

Wattan Maemi [] {Despite being aware of his name, has not made an actual conversation with him.}
No Opinion Yet
[Status : Stranger]

Terumi Nato [] {At this point in time, they have not made a conversation, but she knows how he looks and his name through Aysu's, Ryo's, and Hata's conversations.}
~Seems upset over something.
~Seems uncomfortable around Ryo Shi.
~From conversation, concludes he is protective of Aysu Termu.
[Status : Stranger]

Fukui Yukio []
=Strong sense of ambition
[Status : Acquaintance]

Mister Wolf []
?Befriending Aysu Terumi from before
?Relations with Yukoi Fukui
-Ruthless; unsympathetic, no remorse.
-Sees everyone as prey, nothing more.
~Desire for excitement -> pain on others.
[Status : Experimental]

-Meek/Timid || Will avoid eye contact with the person conversing with. Often hides behind her bear when unhappy (nervous, frustrated, etc.) Not necessarily the blushing type- I guess it's more of a socializing problem.

A bit Nonchalant || The way she speaks ((I'll provide a link below soon of what voice I want her to have)) will often sound a bit nonchalant.

Open-minded || She's open to a lot of perspectives, opinions. She tries to understand them.

Indecisive || She has trouble making decisions. She often wont say it out loud but if she stays in place, quiet and looking at a blank space- she's probably vacillating over the decisions in her head.

Sometimes Blunt || Not necessarily mean blunt or rash. She's not foolhardy- but she can be reckless when it comes to talking about herself. She has no secrets to keep except for whats inside the bear.

・Cute merchandise
・Strawberry Milk

・Gold diggers

:bulletred:History: :star:History information is more accurate and updated here : 

Raised in a normal family of nothing but tedious and repetitive work and breathing. The boring, dull family of Noriko Tomoka was not pitiful. It probably wasn't even dull, more likely the very average, almost-stereotypical asian family. (Only that her father wasn't asian, but you get the deal.)

It was the usual "make your parents proud" atmosphere. "Don't disappoint your family" atmosphere. In school, Noriko belonged in the slightly above average category- and luckily enough for her, her parents were satisfied with that. Though most families would want a much higher grade- they went easy on her since they too have experienced the pressure of expectations gives.

Her parents were beautiful and came from different countries. Her father is [European] and her mother is Japanese. However, she was raised in Japan- and knows no [European] language.

One day, she was walking back home from school, and was stopped by a woman in a suit with glasses, looking frantic and desperate. She looked at Noriko with hopeful and amazed eyes, immediately offering her a spot in the modeling agency.

After a week's contemplation- her parents have approved of it. In just two months, Noriko Tomoka became a successful model. Her doll-like appearance made her someone to notice. The fact that she was 19 and still looked like a child made her even more popular.

However, she was not the most popular model- she was just in the slightly above the middle. Some people didn't like how childish she looked, despite her age. She looked pretty young and her height was fairly short. The other flaw were her eyes.

Many people who have worked with her have all said the same thing about her eyes, 
"Her eyes made her look like she wants to kill you. I don't think she has any intention of doing that of course, but you can't help but think that way."

Noriko had a frail looking body, therefore she did not look menacing. Her eyes were the only intimidating factor.

Separated from her family due to overseas photoshoots, interviews and meetings- Noriko had no one to follow besides her manager, Akahana Yumiko. It was only natural for their bond to grow, thus being close friends. Akahana is also the only person that knows that Noriko also likes to draw a lot. She draws in her free time and draws people who've made an impression her. Akahana would always keep every drawing, that Noriko gave her, in her own little folder.

One day, Akahana needed to go to a last-minute meeting. Noriko was left alone all by herself, doing nothing but rolling on her gigantic bed. She played games on her phone, and played cards- but she was far too tired of those games.

Suddenly, a new message pops up, offering her to play an ominous looking game.

She does not hesitate to click ">YES", her boredom overwhelming her. When all it gave was a message saying, "Enjoy The Game Little Rabbit!~" She waits for 10 minutes for something to happen or pop up- but nothing appears.

She sighs in disappointment and grabs her blue stuffed bear from afar, pulling it close to her and hugging it. She then drifts into a deep slumber.

Upon waking up, she was no longer in her comfy, large, white bed. No longer in the place she was suppose to wait in for Akahana's return. Though the only thing she still had on her were her clothes, bear, and phone. She felt very vulnerable in the dark, ominous setting.

She stands up, dusts herself off and feel like shes being watched.

Nothing but fear.

Nothing but paranoia.

:star:If you don't want to be that spoiled, just watch until 1:01

Also up until 1:01 is fine for her normal voice. Later in the video, the voice starts to get a little tense- so that's why I put it up to 1:01.

Voice: ((everything until 1:01 ))

:bulletblack: She avoids the topic of her weapon. Only gives a vague result of it.


Noriko Tomoka (c) :iconrainyhoney: 
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